Hear from other satisfied customers

I was so upset when I got my speeding ticket. I was even more angry when I realized the total fine was going to be $490. That got me curios to find out my options. I found out about Trial by Mail and that I could fight this stupid ticket without going to court. I’m no lawyer and probably would not have kept my cool in front of that cop. Since this site was the right price, not to mention so easy to use, I figured I’ll give it a shot. I got the papers in my email right away and sent them to the court. I was so happy when I found out I won, just like they said.

Case F.

A friend of mine beat his ticket using the this site. Even though he didn’t win, he was able to still get a court trial, but so much time had passed, the officer actually didn’t show up. That never happens. And my friend got his refund, just like they guaranteed. When I got a ticket, it was a no brainer – I used this site. But I won!! I never win anything. This was the best. I’m telling all my friends.

Steve E.

I thought that red light tickets were no longer being issued. I found out the hard way when I got one – I was wrong. I searched online to find out my options. I looked at several sites and compared prices, services, speed, and guarantees. My decision was easy – this site was head and shoulders above the rest. Their site is soooo easy to use. I was able to get my documents within minutes without having to wait on the phone or, worse, wait for the mail. Their price was less than any of the “lawyer” sites and … I won!!! It was definitely worth the money. I didn’t have to waste my time at court and the ticket was dismissed and. I highly recommend this site.

Vivian I.

I got a camera ticket of left turn on red and I thought I was done. The fine of $490 put me in a spin! I went on line and found this company on the website. It has such good review that I gave it a try. It was so easy to use that I got the papers in my email right then and there and I didn’t need help. When I get a notice from the court that i am not guilty and the ticket dismissed I am very glad about finding this site. I’m telling all my friends.

Alisia K.

My son’s speeding ticket was erased using this site, so when my wife got a ticket for using her cell phone I went right to the site. Hopefully we’ll have the same result. I’ll be posting on here either way. And the guarantee makes it even easier to use this site.

Barry T.

This site works. I got a speeding ticket and thought my insurance would go up, not to mention all I was going to have to pay for the ticket and for traffic school. Instead, I decided to fight. Why not. I really had nothing to lose. This site was so easy to use, I couldn’t believe how easy. But nothing else mattered when I heard back from the court and my ticket was dismissed. No points. No fees. No traffic school. And no HASSLE.

Eugenio N.

Just got my left turn ticket dismissed, thanks to this site. The price for the ticket was going to be $490, but thanks to you guys I’m not paying anything and no points on my driving record. Using this site made me feel like I was taking back my own power!!! These guys are the real deal. Use them!

Kelly A.

I got a red light ticket in the mail and I wasn’t about to pay that much money. I heard about this site through a friend, and I wanted to get the same result that she got – so I was set to try Trial by Mail and fight my ticket. I was so impressed with how easy and quick it was to get my documents and file them with the Court. This site took care of everything in an efficient manner. I saved a TON of money. Thanks guys!

Morgan G.

I just got the news that my ticket was dismissed!!!! No points so my insurance won’t go up and no traffic school. The idea of going to court gave me butterflies in my stomach. A woman at my office told me about when she used this site and had her ticket dismissed. I went on line and compared them with the other sites. No one does it better so I decided to try it. It took no time at all to get the papers in my email. Thank you so much for saving my butt.

Iliana M.

After using this site to beat a “running a red light” ticket I am spreading the word – these guys are great and are worth every penny!! I really couldn’t afford this ticket and that lead me to search for what I could do to at least try to fight. I am so glad I found this site. Case closed!

Demetrius R.