California Uses “Bail” Payment Requirement to Trick Drivers

California uses “bail” issue to lure drivers who want to fight their tickets in choosing an in-court trial over a Trial by Mail.  With Trial by Mail, most drivers win and have their bail returned to them. California may not require pre-payment of bail to fight a ticket in court.  But, according to the California … Continued

Skyrocketing Traffic Ticket Fees Create New Industry in California

New Websites Allow Drivers to Fight Traffic Tickets by Mail   Over the past year several new companies have sprung up to help California drivers get traffic tickets dismissed. Why has this happened? And are they really providing a valuable service? There are two primary reasons why these new companies have opened. First, added fees … Continued

Tips on Buying a Used Car

Sometimes we need to buy a used car.  The question is, how to do it to get the best car, at the best price, for you? We have searched the web in order to answer this question for our users and have found a site that provides valuable answers to this question. “Shift” provides information … Continued