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The odds are against us when we fight a ticket in court.
Police are actually paid extra to show up in court, police are not paid extra to write to the court when you use “Trial by Mail.”
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Use the information from your Citation to answer some easy questions. The rest is done for you.
Just type in the vehicle code number you supposedly violated, the number on your citation, and
the name and address of the court. You will get both the “Not Guilty” and “Trial by Mail” forms
in your e-mail completely filled out. Just sign and mail them to the court.

  • Speeding Tickets, including Radar
  • Red Light Violations
  • Stop Sign Violations
  • Camera Tickets
  • Illegal Lane Changes
  • Illegal U-Turns
  • Seatbelt Violations
  • Speed Traps
  • Cell Phone Tickets
  • and more…

After using this site to beat a “running a red light” ticket I am spreading the word – these guys are great and are worth every penny!! I really couldn’t afford this ticket and that lead me to search for what I could do to at least try to fight. I am so glad I found this site. Case closed!


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If a traffic ticket leads to hundreds of dollars of fees and costs, plus the cost of traffic school and increased insurance costs,
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I just got the news that my ticket was dismissed!!!! No points so my insurance won’t go up and no traffic school. The idea of going to court gave me butterflies in my stomach. A woman at my office told me about when she used this site and had her ticket dismissed. I went on line and compared them with the other sites. No one does it better so I decided to try it. It took no time at all to get the papers in my email. Thank you so much for saving my butt.

You can fight to get your ticket dismissed!

If you chose to fight, you either spend your time in court, or you can fight your ticket by mail. “Trial by Mail” is simply the best way to fight a ticket. It’s the lowest cost, takes the least amount of your time, and gives you the best chance to win.

I got a red light ticket in the mail and I wasn’t about to pay that much money. I heard about this site through a friend, and I wanted to get the same result that she got – so I was set to try Trial by Mail and fight my ticket. I was so impressed with how easy and quick it was to get my documents and file them with the Court. This site took care of everything in an efficient manner. I saved a TON of money. Thanks guys!

With “Trial by Mail,” you can put the odds of winning in your favor.

There is a better way

Time is money. And after spending hours of your time in court, your best hope is only for a reduction in your fine or traffic school.

People are fighting their traffic tickets by mail because over 70% of people who chose “Trial by Mail” win. It is the best chance to win, and it takes the least amount of your valuable time.

Because of the tools you get by using our site, your chances of beating your ticket are even higher. And our site is easier to use than any other site. You fill out our simple form — with the information already on your citation. It is also quick — no need to wait days or deal with strangers on the phone.

We email you completed forms that you simply sign and mail to the court. It really is that easy.

Our forms have everything the court needs to rule in your favor.

Your Best Chance to Win

  • Trial by Mail is the best chance to win.
  • Trial by Mail saves you time and money.
  • Trial by Mail is easy and quick.
  • And we don’t save your information.
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